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32 innovative Android and iOS app ideas

1. Grocery shopping application
The idea is to create a shopping app that suggests shopping lists based on the available budget. Items on the shopping list and store recommendations are suggested based on location, budget, date, and shopping history.

In addition, machine learning technology can be implemented based on purchase history and current data.

2. Social networking application for single parents
A platform for single parents where they can share their interests, tips, experiences and thoughts with each other.

This mobile app will connect parents based on the information they provide about themselves (e.g. number of children, age of children, location, interest, etc.).

3. AR for the school application
Many students have difficulty understanding certain subjects in school.

This application facilitates the illustration of complex subjects taught in classrooms such as chemistry or biology. Using augmented reality technology, the app aims to help students visualize and better understand complex subjects.

4. Food Service” application
A mobile food ordering app that allows customers to place their orders in advance. Once the order is placed, customers will be notified of the possible pick-up time.

With this app, customers don’t have to wait in line because their order will be ready by the time they arrive at the restaurant.

5. Virtual shopping application
A virtual shopping app that can be used to create a shopping list at a specific store. It also tells its users if the selected product is available in the store nearest to their location. In case of stock shortage, it would also give them a list of suggested places where they can get the items.

6. Contractor Finder Application
With this app, users can find contractors in any field. Users can also submit their requirements, compare prices or read reviews of previous services. They can select their reliable vendors based on availability, rating, location, and price.

7. Note sharing application
Missed the conference, seminar, meeting, or class? Would like to see the notes from the event, but can’t find anyone who would have them?

The idea behind this app is to create a platform where users can upload, share or comment on new or existing notes on a particular topic.

8. Parking space locator app
The mobile app helps you find free and paid parking spaces at your location. The app can use GPS, webcams, location, real-time parking data to find a free or paid parking space nearby.

9. Social attachment application
The mobile app facilitates socialization by helping you find people with similar interests nearby. You can choose topics that interest you, such as movies, sports, films, video games, books, etc., then swipe and find people in your area. The process of finding people could be similar to the Tinder app.

10. Table reservation app
A restaurant reservation app that will allow users to reserve a table at their favorite restaurant. Information, such as the restaurant map, availability, or a number of seats at the table, is provided during the reservation process.

Ready to create a mobile application?

About our application development services...

11. Lost and Found Application
Did you lose your keys in the parking lot? Did you lose your jewelry in the dressing room? Do you know someone who has already lost a small item?

This app aims to connect lost items with their original owner. Users can upload the items they found at a specific location so that these lost items can be reunited with their owners.

12. Gift Delivery Application
The idea is to create a mobile app that people can use to surprise their loved ones with gifts sent directly to their door. Shoppers can choose from many goods and services provided by local stores. Store owners can also create their store profiles. Shoppers can choose from a wide variety of merchandise and can also choose and design the packaging. Once the transaction is completed, the delivery staff will pick up the item and deliver it directly to the loved one.

13. Local party and event finder app
A party and event finder app that gathers all the events available on different platforms from sources like Facebook, Meetup.com, Couchsurfing, etc. in one place.

It gives detailed information about conditions, entry information, time, and location.

14. Wine & Dine Social App
A mobile networking app that connects you with people nearby to grab something to eat or drink. The app would allow users to connect based on their interests, location, and availability. Then, users can start a conversation through direct invitation messages.

15. Travel app
A travel assistance app that will give its users suggestions of local attractions to visit, cuisines to taste, activities to do based on their interest in a particular place. Data will be pulled from Tripadvisor and other travel sources, where locals and other travelers share their experiences.

16. Reverse travel app
A mobile travel app where users can list their interests and based on that, tell them which places they should not visit or cuisines they should not try due to health reasons such as allergies, special diet, intolerance, etc.

Feel free to expand on this travel app idea by combining other relevant features that might be useful to the traveler.

17. Supermarket checkout app
A supermarket checkout app that automatically scans products on your mobile app while you shop. At checkout, the mobile app also completes the transaction via an integrated electronic payment system.

Get inspired by this innovative app idea from Amazon Go. You can simply expand this app idea and adapt the concept to other markets.

Here is a demo version of Amazon Go, the world’s first self-service payment mobile app.

18. Architecture & Design App
A virtual interior design app that allows its users to take a picture of a place and design it virtually using augmented reality.

This application can be used for businesses such as interior design agencies, furniture stores, or even school projects. This app will not only increase customer satisfaction but will also save business owners a lot of time and effort.

19. Delivery application
Do you have a package you’d like to mail but don’t know which delivery service offers the best price? This app idea provides a solution to this problem. It will offer its users the best delivery companies with the best deals for sending their packages. The app will create a list based on reviews, location, weight, type, and size.

20. Social dining app
A social dining app that allows you to find people who would also like to get out of the house, socialize or dine in your area. To connect with others, users can send invitations to other users and once the invitation is accepted, they can roll up and hang out.

Ready to create a mobile application?

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21. Cab business management application
A cab business management app that helps drivers monitor their cash flow. With this app, users can easily track their income, expenses, business supplies, and transactions in one place.

22. A social networking application for businesses
The idea behind the business social networking app is that it allows its users to find team members for their specific projects in any desired field. This app idea creates a marketplace for professionals.

23. Public transportation app
The idea behind this mobile app is to inform its users about the best route to take using public transportation. It would also alert the user when it is time to leave to avoid missing the bus, train or even the plane. It would monitor traffic, delays, scheduled departure time and also take into account rush hours.

24. Application for wedding planners
This is a marketplace for all things wedding-related. Venues, musicians, florists, designers, etc. can advertise here. Future brides and grooms can browse offers, read articles and reviews, and engage in conversations with other users.

25. School Supplies Marketplace
This mobile app would create a platform for students to sell, buy, borrow, or lend used school supplies. The service can also be extended to other categories such as furniture, electronics, real estate, vehicles, etc. This application would not only save time but also save students money on both ends.

26. Local travel application
A travel and tourism app that will tell its users where, when, and what to do, eat, drink, visit, stay, based on feedback and recommendations from locals.

27. Smart investment application
AI-based investment app that will do the market research for you, create an in-depth analysis and present its results directly on your cell phone. Based on the information provided, you can decide whether to invest or not. The app will also allow you to make trades.

28. Quick Cash App
Looking for someone to mow your lawn, walk the dog, feed your cat or change your light bulb? This app idea offers a solution to these problems and many more. It is an app that allows users to find people in their neighborhood to do small jobs around the house, which only takes a few hours.

29. App. Localized Church
Create a local mobile app for the church that allows members to take sermon notes, check the prayer list, listen to messages on the go, access documents in small groups, participate in the church’s real-time newsfeed, make a donation, and more.

30. Coupon Applicator
This app would be developed to ensure that each buyer gets the lowest price possible. The app will inform the buyer of available coupons. The coupons will be automatically applied at checkout, ensuring the lowest possible prices. However, the buyer will have the option to choose whether or not to use the discount.

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31. Event planning and invitation request
With this app, users can easily plan any event such as weddings, birthday parties, New Year’s Eve parties. It provides its users with all the necessary information, resources, and tips for their next event. Organizing an event with this app will reduce the stress and time invested. With this app, users can also send a personalized invitation directly to their guests.

32. Second-hand app
The goal of this localized app is to create a platform for people to donate clothes, household items, food, school supplies, or any other item they don’t need and find someone who does. Users can search for items based on type or location. The app would also allow users to auction off their items for charitable causes.

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