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5 Reasons Why Your School Needs a Mobile App

These days, everything is moving to mobile. Over half of all web traffic takes place on mobile, and that number goes up the younger your audience gets. With smartphone ownership increasing day by day, it’s essential that schools and educational companies keep up with their students. For most, that means creating an educational mobile app.

Whether you’re a public school, online learning platform, EdTech company or beyond, there can be huge benefits to developing mobile apps for iOS and Android. In this piece we’ll cover the specific ways a mobile app can benefit students, schools and educational companies.

1. Staying up-to-date on school events and news.

Mobile apps can help you keep in touch and build community with your students. Whether advertising seasonal events, showing off fun opportunities or just cancelling class last-minute, sending in-app push notifications are a great way to get your student body’s attention.

Without the power of mobile, schools often resort to old-fashioned mailers, emails or even public access TV channels to get the word out. These methods can be difficult to manage, slow and ultimately ineffective.

2. Live streaming lessons and video archives.

Apps empower teachers to record lesson videos/audio and share them in real-time, so education doesn’t have to revolve around a physical classroom. This grants access to more students, helps ensure that nobody falls behind and makes revisiting old lessons a breeze. A mobile app can be game-changing for students who live abroad, are out sick, or have difficulty attending classes in-person for whatever reason.

A video/audio library of past lessons can also benefit students with different learning styles. Whether you prefer to “binge-watch” lessons or spend weeks on a particularly tough topic, having a mobile library with the whole semester’s lessons can make all the difference in the world. For paid platforms, mobile accessibility is a huge perk for paying customers.

3. Providing additional readings & resources.

Sharing articles, texts and other online resources can be a teacher’s worst nightmare. But a mobile app makes organizing and sharing class resources incredibly simple.

You can upload videos, articles, podcasts and more in minutes. These can then be organized in your app by class, semester, teacher, however you like. This replaces cumbersome printouts and online syllabi and makes following along with class plans easier than ever.

Ready to create a mobile application?

About our application development services...

4. Partnerships, sponsorships and fundraisers.

There are hundreds of thousands of companies around the world hoping to advertise to students of all kinds. This presents a huge opportunity to you, whether you’re a for-profit business or public education institution.

With a mobile app, you can offer easy advertising space and create revenue with almost no additional work. For public schools, this can be sold to local businesses to help fund events and scholarships. For businesses, this space can be sold for profit in the form of partnerships, long-term sponsorships, or PPC ads. See MAZ’s ad integrations for an easy way to get started making money on mobile.

Mobile advertising holds many advantages over physical ads or even traditional PPC web ads. First, mobile users tend to be much more highly engaged, which advertisers love. Second, mobile apps lend themselves to better data tracking, making ad-targeting more precise than on other platforms. All of this means a better opportunity for you to charge more for ads and create more revenue for what really matters.

5. Monetizing on subscriptions and premium content.

For Education businesses, online universities and platforms, subscriptions can be your most powerful monetization tool. In order to get more paying subscribers, you need the right tools to entice and incentivize potential students. That’s where a mobile app comes in.

Maxcomsoft Mobile apps come with a wealth of subscription tools, including custom student profiles, ‘freemium’ lesson previews/paywalls (metered by time or content amount), ability for students to start lessons on one device and continue elsewhere, etc. The goal of this technology is to create a premium experience that your students will be happy to pay for.

Potential students will be evaluating your school/platform against other competitors. Being able to preview your lessons and explore your mobile app before paying will win over a huge percentage of window shoppers.

Ready to create a mobile application?

About our application development services...

Benefits of school apps
School mobile app for school management can make in education students more interactive and activate better engagement between parents, and school teachers. The most effective way is to engage with the schools while they are using mobile applications. Interaction tendency in schools is enhanced by mobile applications. Though the way of learning through apps is entirely different from the traditional learning method, it adds value to the entire process.

The app that not only meant for learning but also to stay updated about campus events, timetables, alerts and other all important information’s related to school and campus. Also provide opportunities to interact with students throughout the life cycle of prospects, enrolled students. With the app, the parent can track their children’s progress which is one of the important things that every parent wants to know.

Make it easy for parents, students and faculty to stay informed.

Student Profiles
All the details of the students can be displayed including photo, parent details, teacher, details, address, class and contact number.

Daily Attendance
Parents can obtain instant notification and view of the student attendance in the current academic year including present days and leaves.

Circulars & Notices
Circulars and notices are sent to each parent and enable them to archive the same with an option of attachment.

Teacher Remarks
Is the student attentive in the class or not? What is his/her status? Is his behavior good or not? Find out from teacher’s daily remarks.

Stay Organized
All the tasks can be managed and organized using the app such as homework, timetable and attendance at a single click. Thus saves time of teachers.

Cost Saving
Expensive in-house software and communicating with parents through paper circulars and SMS can be put to an end and thus you can save money.

Increased Efficiency
Without worrying about maintaining records and handling paperwork, App ensures everything done in minutes.

Available On iOS and Android
Parent/Student can download app from Google play or App store.

Messages and Notifications
Parents receive regular updates and notifications from teachers and thus strengthen the parent-teacher relationship.

Event Registration
Students will never miss out any important day at school. Various events and other details corresponding to it are shared with parents and students through this app.

Daily Home Work
Parents can to know about the home works and assignments through the app, therefore no need to worry anymore thinking whether children have missed any note of all the homework given.

Class Time Table
Now parents can ensure that their children pack according to the classes that they have for that particular day. Time table can be scheduled and published through app.

Tests and Examination Results
Parents can access tests, progress reports, exam results and grades of their child directly through the App.

Fee Details
Information regarding fee payable, payment status and dues for different fee types can be viewed and archived. Also, parent can make payment online using credit/debit card.

Courses and Batches
Course and batch organization is a major management task that is portrayed to deal with course duration, timing and other programs related to the course conducted in school. This module which covers all the facets of course management and batch creation is made easy with the App.

Parent/Teacher Login
This module helps parent to closely monitor their children’s performance as well as teachers can review on the academics of every student. Since everyone uses a handset in the present world, even though if the parents are busy with their schedules they can timely update the information regarding children through the app.

Student Information
Student’s details regarding admission details, real time reports, everyday attendance, activity monitoring, records of examination and marks are organized that provides a favorable handling environment for school management system. Student data handling module is the major attraction of the app.

Messaging System
Teacher/administration-parent communication is made instantly in a cost effective way. Important and basic messages can be sent promptly to handsets of parents, teachers and students.

Custom Student Remarks
The remarks for each student is added or deleted by corresponding class teachers or subject teachers. This feature in the app gives alert to parents about student performance.

This module prudently saves time to create exam notification, report making, grade/marks option for different boards, subject wise mark sheet etc. The mobile app provides an easy platform for teacher, admin and staffs.

Online shop to buy, books, uniform, merchandise, etc….

In-App push notifications

Teacher account
Manage the class
Manage students belong to the class
Manage attendance
Manage assignments
Update exams results
Manage Student Remarks
Manage push notification
Manage timetable

Administrator account
Manage students
Manage Parents
Manage Teachers
Manage payments and fees
Manage events
Manage attendance
View class schedules and activities
Manage syllabus curriculum
Manage Circulars & Notices
Manage Push notifications
Manage shop/merchandise and its activities
Manage App settings

Ready to create a mobile application?

About our application development services...
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