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Development of applications for taxis

On-demand cab booking has become a multi-billion dollar market. Grab a piece of that market with your own UBER-like white label cab app and customize it in every corner.

The main features of our Taxi application development services

Passenger profile

Each user or passenger has the possibility to create his own profile with his personal data.

Immediate transport

Users can book a cab for immediate use from their location in real time with the “Ride Now” option.

Schedule a Ride

For unscheduled cab rides, users can book a cab for a later time that suits them best.

Book for other people

Users can book cabs for others using the app and send them the ride details directly from the app.

Vehicle selection

Users can choose the cab that best suits their needs in terms of time, size and distance to travel.

Real time GPS

The application can highlight the real-time GPS of the route in relation to the user’s location with precision.

Estimated rates

Inform users of an estimate of the price they will have to pay for the trip once they reach the chosen destination.

Driver tracking

GPS vehicle tracking that highlights the exact location and movement of the cab/taxi to the user’s location.

Multiple payment options

Passengers can pay using a variety of payment methods, including cash, the integrated digital wallet or cards.

Notification alerts

Notification for each successful cab booking, cab arrival, cab/taxi cancellation, taxi completion, offer alerts, etc.

Preferred driver

User-powered star rating system that will allow new passengers to choose highly rated drivers.

SOS button

In the event of an unexpected incident, customers can use the SOS button to request emergency assistance.

Promotional codes

Encourage users to use the application regularly with loyalty programs associated with promotional codes, discounts, etc.


Encourage users to invite their friends and family to use the app by offering rewards in the form of free rides, promo codes, etc.

Cancel a reservation

Users can easily cancel their reservations from the same screen where the trip was booked, giving the appropriate reasons.

Contact the driver

Users can contact their assigned cab driver by phone directly from the app.

Trip history

A complete history of all trips made with time-stamped data can be viewed in the user’s profile section.

Favorite location

A user can mark frequently visited places as favorites. This saves time when the reservation has to be made repeatedly.

Multilingual support

Users can switch between multiple languages to use the application effortlessly in the language of their choice.

Help and support

For any question to which the user does not find a solution, it is possible to add a help and support section to solve his questions.

Invite friends

Increase the number of app users by encouraging existing users to invite their friends through social media, email or a referral code.

Easy registration

The application allows drivers to easily register their vehicles or transportation services.

Select availability

Drivers can alternate between working hours and break times by using the available and unavailable options.

Real time requests

All transport requests are processed in real time and forwarded to nearby drivers, tracked by GPS.


Drivers can choose to accept or decline a ride based on their availability or interest in that ride.

Route information

The driver gets complete information about the trip, such as where to pick up the passenger, where to drop off and the estimated price of the trip.


Integrated navigation with GPS to guide the driver to the passenger drop-off point by the shortest and fastest possible route.

Cancel a reservation

Not all reservations are successful on the first try. The driver can use the option to cancel a confirmed reservation, if necessary.

Contact the passenger

Cab drivers can contact passengers directly from the app when they arrive at their destination.

Start/end of the trip

Once the passenger has been picked up, the driver can begin the final journey using the OTP or swipe gestures on the app screen.

Summary of the trip

A complete trip summary including information such as pick-up and drop-off location, final fare, customer details, etc.

Suivi des gains

Le conducteur peut suivre l’ensemble de ses gains sur une base quotidienne, hebdomadaire ou mensuelle à partir de l’écran de l’application.

Driver's dashboard

Whether it’s trips made, trips in progress or income, the driver can see all the essential information on one screen.

Assessing the client

Drivers can also rate passengers based on their travel experience through a star rating and feedback system.

Contact SOS

When things go wrong unexpectedly, the driver can contact the administration or other emergency assistance teams.

My destination

Drivers can define specific locations from which they want to get more rides.

Upcoming trips

Drivers can track the number of upcoming scheduled trips from the dashboard, as well as the earnings generated by those trips.

Payment management

The driver can receive the payment in cash or in the wallet, the payment can be transferred to the bank at any time.

Trip history

The trip history allows the driver to view a complete list of time-stamped trips and their earnings.

Secure connection

Secure connection system allowing the administrator to connect to the panel.

Administrator's Dashboard

An exclusive control center for the administrator, which allows to compromise all information.

Driver follow-up

The administrator can have an overview of all drivers and their current position.

Manage drivers

The administrator has user privileges to add, modify or delete drivers from time to time.

Customer management

As for the drivers, the administrator can also add, modify or delete clients from the application.

Manage dispatchers

The administrator can add a dispatch manager to manage operations and dispatches for a particular region and departments.

Vehicle management

The administrator can control the inventory of vehicles and assign drivers for efficient use.

Gestion des catégories

Le responsable de la répartition et l’administrateur peuvent ajouter et mettre à jour différentes catégories de voitures, en fonction du lieu ou de la demande de services.

Manage rates

The administrator can configure custom rates or set up dynamic pricing that varies based on volume and demand.

Reports and analysis

Know how users are booking rides, which routes are most popular, peak times and more with detailed reports and analysis.

Panel of the dispatcher

Dispatchers have access to this panel to manage and deploy drives based on demand.

Manual Reservations

For reservations that are not made via the application, the administrator can always make manual reservations.


The administrator has access to tracking the demand for Taxis and can deploy drivers in the regions.

Manage refunds

Keep track of refunds that need to be initiated or transferred to users after verification.

Parameters for subsequent races

Configure the time at which users can schedule rides and the type of cabs available for scheduled bookings.

Country/Currency Settings

Multi-language and multi-currency support to help the application work properly for users around the world.

Send application notifications

Configure the type of push notifications that can be sent, how often they can be sent to users from the admin panel.

Payment integration

Integrate the app with payment integrations for cards, online banking and digital wallets.

Taxi App, build to order

Our Taxi app developers with special expertise in building on-demand apps can help you build the white label Taxi booking app you are looking for.

Real-time GPS location tracking of passenger and driver to start. One-click booking, integrated digital wallets for hassle-free payment, reviews and ratings, preferred routes, car types, time-of-day booking, and many more features can be integrated into the mobile app. Imagine all your feature requests becoming possible.

If you have any further questions or need clarification. You will have an expert from the best Taxi app development company to guide you.


Being on the same page as our clients is a prerequisite to any project. Our discovery process helps us to better understand our clients’ needs and develop a strategic plan to meet them. For most problems our clients face, there are multiple solutions. Identifying the right solution and tailoring it to the client’s needs is done during the discovery phase. We also identify the contact person who will oversee the overall progress and execution of the project based on the project requirements.

Conception UI/UX

Good design can solve problems. Good design can delight users. This is one of the mottos of MAXCOMSOFT. We strongly believe that integrating functional UI/UX design into an application/website can solve problems. We follow a user research process that progresses through research, design, prototyping, testing and measurement.


The ultimate goal of web, app, VR, and AR development is to ensure that it solves the problems and achieves the goals for which it was created. As part of our development process, we create software prototypes based on the results of the UI/UX discovery and design stage. These prototypes will be rough forms of the final product – such as early samples, reduced working models, etc. that can be extended to final products.


Once the prototypes are finalized, they are pushed into the development phase. Depending on the desired platform, our developers will start coding the software in the form. MAXCOMSOFT follows quality assurance standards in all phases of development. This ensures that the end result is well designed and requires minimal corrections to make it ready for launch.

Quality Assurance

At MAXCOMSOFT, we have adopted quality as a habit and a way of life. We have a team of highly trained and experienced QA engineers who perform pen tests, smoke tests, and any other form of testing necessary to ensure that a software is perfectly suited for deployment. Our QA process takes care of eliminating bugs that went unnoticed during development. We test the platform from the user’s perspective to ensure that nothing is missing when the platform is ready for use.


Once the platform has passed the quality assurance phase, our team of experienced developers begins the deployment process. Depending on the client’s choice, or as decided at the beginning of the project, the deployment will take place in the server platform. All activities related to sharing and securing the code repository will also take place there. We also take great care in planning the deployment phase so that you, as the customer, are well informed of the execution schedule. Once the deployment is complete, the platform can be used for real-life scenarios.


We believe that customer relationships are long-term friendships that do not end with a single transaction. As a customer-focused company, MAXCOMSOFT provides ongoing support and maintenance that is guaranteed even after deployment. Our support systems ensure that your product remains active and functional without any glitches. We can also undertake maintenance activities to ensure that your products are up-to-date with security updates, system upgrades, etc.

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