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One time fee of RM 7,499
Delivered : In 3 weeks .

We are the innovators of best mobile app development team in Malaysia. Just share your idea with us and we will create your dream app just the way you want it.

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fits your requirments.

Personal Application

RM 7,499

One time Payment

Everything you need in a personal application with a dedicated team of 5 experts.

  • Android and iOS support
  • Administrator web panel
  • 15+ screens
  • 15+ data API integrations
  • Simple business logic for validations / calculations / graphical data, etc.
  • Geolocation
  • Push notifications
  • Accept All Online Payment Methods
  • Research
  • Social Sharing
  • Cyber Security
  • Publish on the App Store and Google play store
  • Technical support
  • Completed in: 3 weeks
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*Financial Plans available

Professional Application


One time Payment

Your complete professional Application with the newest features with a dedicated team of 12 experts.

  • Android and iOS support
  • Administrator web panel
  • 30+ Screens
  • 30+ data API integrations
  • Advanced business logic for validations/ calculations / graphical data, etc.
  • Geolocation
  • Push notifications
  • Accept All Online Payment Methods
  • Research
  • Chat
  • Social media connection
  • Analytics
  • Cyber Security
  • Consumer behavior tracking
  • Calendar
  • Publish on the App Store and Google play store
  • Technical support 24/7
  • Completed in: 6 weeks
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*Financial Plans available

Custom Application

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Payment Plans Available

Get a quote for a custom application and start creating with our 15+ year experienced developers!

  • Over 30 screens and complex business logics, validations, calculations, data graphics and algorithms.
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*Financial Plans available

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a non-techie and I want to create an app. How can you help me create this app?

You just need to select the most suitable package, and our sales team will help you define the requirements and the flow of the application according to these requirements, which will be followed during the development of the application.

What is a one-time fee?

Mobile applications are sold as a product. The mobile applications are yours alone after delivery, and there are no further payments.

Hosting and domain fees are billed annually, only if you use our hosting and domain service.


What is the difference between native app development and cross-platform development?

In native app development, we use the default language and IDE for Android and iOS, i.e. JAVA/Kotlin with Android Studio for Android and Objective C, Swift with Xcode for iOS.

Cross-platform provides a framework where coding is done once and can be used to deploy the application in iOS, Android and Windows phone.

Should I test my app?

We have an internal testing team that will test the system with the developers. However, you can still test the app and share your feedback.

How can I follow the progress of the project?

We will give you access to the project management tool we use, as well as a phone number, email address and Skype ID to follow the progress of the project.

Do you take care of submitting the application in the google play store or the app store?

Yes, submitting an app in the App Store and Play Store is a free service that we provide.

Can I make changes to my app after it's launched?

Yes, we strongly recommend that you start your project by launching the simplest version of your application and continue to make changes to it over time.

The idea behind launching an app with a simple build is that you've made certain assumptions, and you can't test those assumptions until you launch the app and based on that launched app, you You can use this information to decide priorities for future requirements.

Do you offer graphic design / interface design services?

Yes, most app projects start with creating custom visuals of how the app looks before starting development.

Do you also build web applications?

Yes, in fact, almost every mobile application we create also needs a web application running in the background to drive it.

Which platform should we target to launch the app, Android or iOS?

Considering the growing popularity of iPhone and Android smartphones, we recommend that you run the app on both Android and iOS.


Why Maxcomsoft ?

  • #1 Application development company since 2012 according to the annual public survey.
  • Delivery in under 3 weeks!
  • Complete App/Payment gateway integration.
  • One time payment with lifetime support and maintenance.
  • Dedicated team of at least 5 experts for every project.

15+ Years of Service

  • 1000+ Applications completed, Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Team with over 100+ expert in-house developers to handle your project.
  • Government trusted Malaysian in-house team established since 2012.
  • Lifetime warranty and support!

Lifetime Support and care!

  • Lifetime aftercare and Application support to help you with any questions or changes you need.
  • 24/7 Call desk and Support
  • Complete ownership of your application with Source code.

Android/iOS and multiplatform support.


Our dedicated development team for your application, will design and develop your application in record times, and since we have developed over 1000+ applications you wouldn't have to be afraid of bugs or aftercare, we will make this journey a walk in the park!

Multiplatorm Support

Our development team will ensure the mobile application is usable on every conceivable platform and device including iOS and Android, and 24/7 support and after care for your application!


Our curated experts have studied App designs for over 10+ years. Your imagination is the only limitation at Maxcomsoft.

Design and Development.

Our industry leading teams of Design and development will curate the perfect application that you want, in under 3 weeks!

Customer Satisfaction rate

*Base on current Survey information


Core features.

All our applications are curated to contain the most cutting edge, new technologies for performance and ease of use.

Multi platform integration

Our expert developers curate your application for iOS, Android and Windows phones for an easier launch!

Complete Server management

We completely manage the servers for your application free of charge!


Our award winning cutting edge team of experts who's sole purpose is to ensure the safety of your application and protect you.

Network design and management

A perfectly seamlessly curated network design to eliminate lag completely free of charge!

Submitting the Application

We will take care of publishing your application to Play store and the App store free of charge!

Payment integration

Any Payment method you want can be integrated into your application, including Cryptocurrencies!

What our Customers
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Customer Satisfaction rate according to Survey!

After each of our completed projects we allow our clients to fill an industry standard survey to let everyone know how they feel about our services and we are very proud of our results!

Customer Satisfaction rate

*Based on the industry standard survey!

24/7 customer support!

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We would love to have a conversation about your project and help you bring it to life. So please don’t be afraid to contact us we would love to talk!

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